Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Service held in memory of Kent's giant carp

Well, this is a great story from the UK. It reveals a bit about the character of out friends across the sea as well being a tremendous testament to catch and release fishing.
This story comes from the BBC

The carp was thought to be up to 45-years-old and weighed 67lb 14oz
Here is the story:
A special service has been held in Kent after the death of a giant fish.

"Two Tone", a mirror carp thought to be one of the UK's biggest freshwater fish, died earlier this month.
A plaque has been laid at Conningbrook Lake where he lived and Two Tone will be stuffed and donated to the Natural History Museum.

Lee Jackson, one of the few people who managed to catch him, said anglers would be lost without him. It is thought that Two Tone died of old age.

Mr Jackson said: "The fishing on that lake is incredibly hard. It took a certain dedication to stick with it.
"Some of the guys have fished it for years and certainly didn't manage to catch Two Tone.
"Those are the guys who you've got to feel sorry for. They must be walking around like lost sheep."

Mr Jackson caught Two Tone after eight years of trying.
Two Tone, who weighed 67lb 14oz, was found floating on the surface of the lake in Ashford.
The fish, which gained its name because of its skin colour, was thought to be between 40 and 45-years-old.

Anglers said it was only caught once or twice a year and no more than 50 times in its lifetime.

 Where else but in the UK?

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Blogger Unknown said...

We sure like our carp fishing over there, It's a shame that there isn't anything really comparable here in Nova Scotia (although I did hear of carp up in Truro somewhere?!?!) :(

12 May 2015 at 17:56  

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