Sunday, 30 August 2009

Where did the Name "Nova Scotia" come from?

One of the Google searches that brings people to this site is the question,"Where did the name Nova Scotia come from". I am not sure why the search leads them here but I figured I'd answer the question so it wouldn't be a wasted trip.

The Origin of the name of Nova Scotia is that in 1621 King James the First of England, who also happened to be King James the Sixth of Scotland, claimed this land as part of the kingdom of Scotland. Nova Scotia is the Latin translation of New Scotland.

Nova Scotians are also known as Bluenosers. The famous schooner Bluenose, that you can see on the Canadian dime was built here in Lunenburg and was the fastest schooner of her time.

No one really knows why we are called Bluenosers. I've heard that it was because the weather is so damp and cold that your nose turns blue here. Some say it was because of that damp and cold that the sailors would constantly rub their runny noses with their mittened hands and the dye would come off on their noses.

We were the first overseas colony to receive a flag. It is the flag of Scotland with the colours reversed. We also have a very nice plaid tartan and a provincial bird. Our provincial bird is the Osprey, a real beauty and well known to all fishermen.

So there you go, nova Scotia in a nutshell.

I have not been able to post images lately so have not been updating this blog as often as I might. Hopefully Blogger or I will get it figured out soon.

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Saturday, 15 August 2009

Even When the Fishing is Great, There is Always “One Little Thing”

"An old fisherman was walking beside his favourite stream. The sun was
setting and he just had time to try one more cast through the run
called Jim’s Legs. It was a fast piece of water with a smooth boulder
dividing the current into two distinct and slightly curved paths that
met up again after a short distance. The run was named after his
life-long friend and fishing partner Jim, who had recently passed on.

It wasn’t named after him because Jim had figured out the complex
presentation required for the conflicting currents, or that he caught
the first salmon there; nope, it was because Jim was as bowlegged as a
cowboy even though he had spent his whole life here on the East coast.

Well, the Old Fellow thought,” This one’s for you Jim” and flicked his
Brown Bug above and to the right of the smooth boulder. He was
concentrating on the bug and preparing to flick the critical upstream
mend that would slow the fly down as it passed the usual lie when he
heard a whispery voice.

“Nice cast.”
The Old Fellow started and turned to the shadowy figure beside him.
“Jim” he said “is that you?”
“It’s me” said Jim. “I’ve just come to say hello and thank you for
thinking of me. By the way, the fishing in Heaven is fantastic. Every
evening there is a fly tying class and the next morning that is the
fly the fish will be rising to. It is all good except for one little
“It sounds fantastic Jim” said the Old Fellow, “What’s the one little thing?”
“Well”, said Jim “Next Tuesday night you are giving a class on tying
your famous Brown Bug.”"


Sunday, 2 August 2009

From the Mail Bag its Crappie, Largemouth Bass, and Dobson Arizona

Here is a note I received recently from a reader. He has some interesting things to say about my name. Wonder if I'm related to the Arizona Dobsons?


I am in town working for TeleTech for about a month and a half. I was looking for a place to do some fishing for either Trout, Bass, or Salmon that was close to Amherst. I don’t want to go that far, but I want some good fishing. I am used to fishing for Trout or Bass, but never Salmon. I am an avid fisherman back home in Arizona.

I grew up in an area named “Dobson Ranch” and I went to “Dobson High School” The Dobson’s owned a lot of property in Mesa, AZ. USA.

Anyways, I just want somewhere to relax on the weekends that is close to Amherst, any suggestions?

Thank you!

Enjoy the Largemouth Bass and the Crappie Picture, From Roosevelt Lake in AZ.


Luckily, he is in a great fishing area so it was easy to offer some suggestions for spots to try.

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