Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Hats off to Brad McCaughan

 Congratulations to my buddy Brad on the publication of his first (of many) book. Brad did the photography for Sydney Crosby's "My Day With the Cup". Sydney is the youngest captain in NHL history to win the Stanley Cup.

Brad is a great photographer who has recorded Sydney's career from his minor hockey days in Cole Harbour to his triumphant return with the cup. Great work Brad.

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Sackville Rivers Association, Fisheries and Aquaculture Staff Stock 2,000 Speckled Trout

"Members of the Sackville Rivers Association helped Fisheries and Aquaculture staff stock 2,000 speckled trout in five locations of the Sackville River watershed on Thursday, Dec. 10.

Volunteer Shaunna MacKinnon, right, and assistant co-ordinator Colin O'Neil, both of the Sackville Rivers Association, release speckled trout in the Sackville River.

A close-up shot of volunteer Shaunna MacKinnon and assistant co-ordinator Colin O'Neil,of the Sackville Rivers Association, releasing speckled trout in the Sackville River."

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Monday, 14 December 2009

Trout Stocking Effort in Response to Little Sackville River Oil Spill

"- December 10 th 2009 - Trout Stocking Effort in Response to Little Sackville River Oil Spill

On December 10 th the Sackville Rivers Association will be assisting the Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture McGowan Lake Fish Hatchery workers with a trout stocking effort, in response to the November 7th oil spill on the Little Sackville River.

On November 7th an estimated 200 - 300 litres of furnace oil leaked into the Little Sackville River as a result of a severed oil tank line at a nearby business. The oil has impacted fish habitat within the Little Sackville River.

Roughly 2000 Speckled trout fall parr will be released at four sites within the Little Sackville River and Main Sackville River, to compensate for damage to fish habitat within the watercourse.

The Sackville Rivers Association would like to thank MLAs Dave Wilson (Sackville-Cobequid) and Mat Whynott (Upper Sackville-Hammonds Plains) for initiating this stocking effort.

Anyone interested in attending this stocking event are asked to meet at the Sackville Heights Community Centre, 45 Connolly Road on Thursday December 10 th at 1 pm.

For further information regarding these stocking efforts please contact:

Stephen Caines


Sackville Rivers Association

office: 865-9238

cell: 476-1001

email: sackvillerivers@ns.sympatico.ca

Walter N. Regan

cell: 476-6276"


Sunday, 13 December 2009

Springer Spaniel Puppy

We have welcomed another puppy into our home. Meet Schalke, a field bred, Springer Spaniel. He is a sweet tempered little guy and seems to be pretty smart. He is also as clumsy as a ballerina in clown shoes.

One puppy is fun. Two puppies is like turning your house over to a gang of drunken yobs after a home-game.

The process of house breaking is well under way both literally and figuratively. The little Maltese is nimble and quick while the Springer is a big, lumbering dinosaur by comparison. It is hard not to laugh out loud at the sight of my daughter holding two leashes and trying to coax them in to peeing outdoors when all the pups want to do is chase each other in circles.
Lots of cuddles, lots of puddles and lots of laughter at the Dobson household for the next few months. Or to put it more simply, "the circus is in town!"

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